Women’s Polo Shirts With A Modern Twist

Polo shirts revolution

Fashion trends come and go every single season. Designers create fashion garments based sometimes on ideas from older fashion trends. Polo shirt is a classic garment and it has been the favorite shirt for golf players. Timeless and classic, the polo shirt has grabbed the designers’ attention again this year, transforming the casual-sport collared knit shirt into a versatile and lofty fashion garment. Carmixa has reinvented  the classic polo shirt paying a special attention to the fabric, golf-fit and detailed craftsmanship, bringing the shirt in a new and fresh light.

Wear it threading your favorite silk bow through the small loops on the neck, for a glam attitude. Style it with a pencil skirt, adding a black bag toughen the look for a day at the office.  You can also pair it with skinny jeans for a casual-chic look!

Goccia Yellow Women's Polo Shirt Revolution

Goccia Yellow Polo Shirt

The drop neckline design has a truly versatile hidden concept that allows you to style for a glam night out or for a day at tennis game, horse-ride or golf course.  The interchangeable neck strip with a brooch or Swarovski button will elevate a timeless staple and wardrobe essential and transform it effortlessly every time, for a new and appropriate look.

Goccia Navy Blue Women's Polo Shirt Revolution

Goccia Navy Blue Polo Shirt

Goccia White Women's Polo Shirt Revolution

Goccia White Polo Shirt

Carina Cuore mandarin shirt  is a timeless staple and wardrobe essential for spring/summer 2014.  With this beautifully fitted shirt you get three looks: wear it up, in a mandarin style (showing the bold black trim detail around the collar) for a day in the office; turn the collar into revers – the result is an outstanding shirt with a white contrast to pair with white pants, for a night with friends; or wear it as a jacket with a top and a pencil skirt for a meeting. Short sleeves become almost sleeveless rolling them up with tab.

With Carina Cuore mandarin shirt you get three looks

Carina Cuore mandarin shirt – casual style

Carina Cuore mandarin shirt - office style

Carina Cuore mandarin shirt – office style


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