Window Dressing – Carolina Style on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach

Window dressing, as a decorative exhibition of clothes and brands carried in the store, plays an important role in attracting people and make them step in. As a fashion blogger I have trained myself to pay attention to windows every time I pass by clothing stores. Have you ever passed by a clothing stores and have your eyes captured and your interest awakened by a great display of fashion garments? You were just passing by a few clothing stores on your stroll on Main Street, with no intention of purchasing and yet, there they are, all those beautiful and elegant garments, in exactly the colors you love and, oh, look again, seems like the size you need! Join me on a quest for windows dressing fashion, style and trends displayed by the clothing stores on Main Street downtown North Myrtle Beach. Let’s analyze together the details of the Carolina Style on display on most of these clothing stores’ windows and see what suggestions they make for the fall season.

The Clothes Center on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach  offers a large selection of designer clothes and custom shaggers and golfers clothing. The store carries the brand Not Your Daughter jeans (NYDJ), so popular in the Carolinas, for the style and comfort that perfectly go hand in hand with the Carolina’s lifestyle. The Clothes Center’s window dressing features animal print tops with flower embellishments, black and white or block colors tops paired with pants and leggings – so natural for the Carolina’s weather.

The Clothes Center - Style Strand Fashion

The Clothes Center – Women’s fashion

Rock N Roll shop on Main Street brings an unusual clothing style for the Carolina. Their window dressing features handmade clothing and accessories with a twist of hippy style and Rising International handmade Nepali clothing and bags. The items of this brand carry historical and cultural significance while they also have economic viability.

World-rock'n - Style Strand Fashion

Rock N Roll

Wildflower shop on Main Street is a lively spotlight featuring vintage outdoor furniture and unique decorations that bring beauty and splendor to patios, courtyards, and gardens. An art space with nature paintings offers and authentic and exclusive art work of the shop owner. This shop brims with old-fashioned charm and personal touch, thanks to the creative mind of the owner. Wildflower features a window dressing you can simply cannot ignore.

Wildflower - Style Strand Fashion


Florist in downtown North Myrtle Beach is a local floral shop – so happy to have one nearby – offering hand arranged fresh flowers in beautiful bouquets, gift baskets, and custom floral arrangements.  I am trilled at the idea of a florist on Main Street! A simple flower says so much and can bring so much joy! Decorate your home with fresh flowers to bring a little drop of nature’s beauty. Bring a smile on someone face offering a simple flower in a pure Carolina style.

North Myrtle Beach Florist - Style Strand Fashion

Florist on Main



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