White Dress – Summer Staple

Easy and fresh ways to wear a white dress on the beach

White dress is a classic yet flattering garment that gives the vibe and freshness of summer season. Versatile for any occasions and seasons yet the white dress have become a staple for Summer.

The question is: how would you stand out from the crowd wearing a white dress at the beach? A simple way to refresh your white dress is to wear statement accessories. For a stylish more exquisite look at the beach wear a long white dress with a beach tote and top the look with a stylish sun hat. Keep the jewelry simple and opt for a pair of long earrings that give a personal touch to your look. The trick for this look is to keep a balance of color white with cream or tan color and just add a splash of color with a scarf or a pair of flats.

Beach white dress for a Fresh look

Beach white dress

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A minimalist look at the beach is not necessarily easy to achieve! A little white dress and messy hair while walking barefoot on the beach doesn’t show your persona. Make a statement and show your personal style by choosing statement pieces to complement the simple white dress. Layer up a white slip dress with details such as a cover up with lace, tasseled or fringe and give a finishing touch with a bold necklace.  These add the needed personal touch to a minimalist look!

From the beach to a night out in the city or to the parties, white dress is ultimately a recall of beauty and youth, a reminder of easier and careless summer days.


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