Weekend Getaway – North Carolina

I am back, fresh and full of energy after a gateway weekend in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I enjoyed a few leisurely days with my dear friends and family. We had a wonderful time together sharing memories, visiting old places, watching the 4th of July fireworks from the roof-top of an 18-story building, and even squeezing in a few Indian trails in the mountains searching for waterfalls (I found two!). It’s always a pleasure to build memories with special friends!

The weather was in harmony with our spirit, a few clouds from time to time and a gently breeze, a perfect day to visit the town of Old Salem. As I slowly walked down the narrow streets, I slide into the past absorbing the details of the Moravian culture and its people, the founders of this place. I was surprised to discover that I am very familiar with their European inheritance and their beautiful handcrafts, embroideries and knitting. I saw astonishingly similar items as a child in my grandparents’ home in my hometown. I recognized the sewing style and elements my grandma taught me during the long days of my winter vacation and I recalled sweet-bitter memories from my childhood. A video kept playing on a screen in the Visitor Center’s hallway. I set on the bench and watched, fascinated to find out that Moravians were missionaries who began their journey from Eastern Europe, where the Czech Republic used to be, and later on have settled in North Carolina. A proof again that we live in a  not-so-big “planetary village”!

Another beautiful day and we stretched our legs walking down (or better said: up) the Indian trails in the mountains. The landscape, with its high peaks, sunny meadows, and soothing waterfalls, was breathtaking. I stopped at the top and for a few minutes I felt total peacefulness. I was in harmony with the nature, breathing and feeling the energy from the trees and water – carefree thoughts that I craved for so long.
It was a wonderful summer break, an ideal escape from the daily routine, and most of all a special weekend with special friends!

Style Strand Fashion - Winston Salem, NC

Old Salem – Visitor center garden

Style Strand Fashion - Old Salem, NC

Moravian woman

Style Strand Fashion - Old Salem, NC

Taking a little rest

Style Strand Fashion - Pilot Mountain State Park,  NC

Mountain in the clouds

Style Strand Fashion - Pilot Mountain State Park,  NC

Trail in the mountain

Style Strand Fashion - Hanging Rock State Park, NC



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  1. love the pics! and loved to have you over guys!

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