Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Season

Fall colors and layers

Nostalgic for Fall season? Are you ready to wear fall pieces to get into the autumn mood? But it feels weird to jump into boots and wear tights or even long sleeves when Summer days are holding on, right?.

I know, I have experienced this feeling!

It’s a strange sensation to see leaves falling on the ground, trees changing colors,  short evening showers calmly passing by. Yet the warmth of summer days still doesn’t seem to go away. I have found a few elements I would suggest you incorporate in your closet to help you get into the fall season.

Wear fall colors! Get inspired from the color of the leaves: shades of yellow, brown, red, and green. Mix these colors with the color of seasonal flowers which are in bloom this time of the year, such as airy blue color of the Russian sage, loads of pink, blue, and purple of the New England Aster flowers, array of colors of mums, and vibrant colors of crape myrtle trees. Nature is the best inspiration for choosing seasonal colors while staying fashionable all the time.

Nature inspiration

Fall colors

Crispy mustard is one of the biggest Fall 2016 color trends! Crispy mustard is the perfect color to wear during this transitional season. A crispy mustard dress gives you an instant stylish look! Wear it down over a pair of jeans for a chic laid back look at the beach or pair it with bold accessories for a day in town. You will love this color especially if you want to show off you tanned skin. If you have fair skin, make sure you use this color only on the bottom pieces, like a skirt or pants.

Spicy mustrad

Fall 2016 Color Trend – spicy mustard

Transition summer pieces into fall season!  Layering summer dresses, skirts, bare shoulders tops, maxi and mini skirts is the formula for looking stylish and get into the fall fashion mood. Classic layers for fall season such as plaid shirts or over the shoulders fine cardigans perfectly fit for office hours or an evening out.

Fall layers

Fall layers

Young women who want to keep up with the latest fall trends use layers such as sheer or tulle which will give a finishing touch to your inner ‘fashionista’.

Fall 2016 fashion trend - tulle layer

Tulle fall layer

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