Top Sun Hats To Glam Up Your Summer Beach Vacation

Sun hats make a strong summer fashion statement

Sun hats are great fashion accessories for the beach. They are also a must have at the beach since they offer protection. Sun hats, comfortable and chic,  are wonderful  beach accessories for anyone who wants to be stylish without giving up comfort. They come in a variety of colors and styles that go from casual to dressy, adding style to most outfits. From the beach to shopping to a romantic dinner, sun hats are a true fashion statement for the summer time.

Casual yet elegant white sun hats are attractive accessories that go well with any outfit. A white sun hat is all you need for your beach vacation!Glamorous and functional, the white sun hat is great for every day use at the beach. Look great in the evenings by simply adding a pop of color with a scarf around the brim.

Bo white & Bo camel wide-brim sunhat

Bo white & Bo camel wide-brim sunhat

Bright orange ribbon hats with shapeable brim are fun and colorful. Add an accent with a multi-colored trim and a bright, yellow sequined butterfly. This sun hat can  brighten up your day wherever you go!

White and orange crush beach hats

White & orange crush

Capelina Crochet – this lady long style hat is crocheted using two different colors of naturally dyed straw. The crochet pattern creates wide horizontal stripes of the two colors. The Capelina Crochet is a wonderful accessory that is comfortable and chic. Capelina Crochet is practical and won’t loose its shape when you fold it into your beach bag.

Playa Star – a stylish crochet hat with a flat crown. The crochet pattern creates a distinct horizontal stripe consisting of a floral pattern. Playa Star is a luxurious piece that will make your entire beach outfit boho chic.

Capelina Crochet and Playa Star beach hats

Capelina Crochet and Playa Star beach hat

Floppy beach hats, chic and feminine, are a timeless staple for the summer time. These stylish floppy beach hats with wide brim provide shade from the sun while at the same time makes you look like a true head-turning sweet Southern belle.

Sunny ivory  and Honey black toyo sunhat

Sunny & Honey toyo sunhat

As much as we try to avoid it, packing for a summer vacation will inevitably end up with something important left behind. Don’t even try to throw a good hat in a luggage that ends up in the airplane’s cargo bay. The best thing to do is to give yourself a present as soon as you arrive at the destination. Do a blitz shopping session and buy a new hat. I prefer to buy accessories from places that I visit for their originality and uniqueness. A hat with a large brim is always in style. It’s the perfect choice for the beach as well as for a night out or an evening with friends.


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