The Holiday Magic of Shopping on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach

Shopping is Always in Season on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach

It’s the time of year to start checking names off your holiday shopping list and there’s no better time to visit Main Street in North Myrtle Beach. The pedestrian-friendly Main Street is the perfect canvas for holiday celebrations, bringing revelers together to enjoy a special shopping experience with locally-owned, independent businesses.

Main Street and the holidays go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Shopping is always in season on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

North Myrtle Beach Main Street - a rest stop

North Myrtle Beach Main Street – A Rest Stop

With numerous surface lots, Main Street in North Myrtle Beach has ample parking for residents and visitors alike so there’s no need to worry about finding a parking space, which is a major relief for my hubby, who tends to get a little frustrated when parking is scarce.
I have walked on many main streets and downtowns, but our Main Street has a different kind of allure. There aren’t many small-town Main Streets along the seaboard that still preserve their original atmosphere. So much has been given over to a cynical modern commercialism. An all-American classic, the North Myrtle Beach Main Street is an idyllic shopping escape, embodying the best of what tradition and history has to offer.

North Myrtle Beach Main Street is all bedecked in it’s holiday decor, shops bustling with merriment and markdowns. Most of the store owners are also my neighbors, part of the community. It’s nice to do your holiday shopping in stores where you can find items that large retailers don’t carry. I love the fact that most of the stores on Main Street promote talented local designers that know me so I know when I show up at a party there’s no risk of seeing someone else wearing the same dress.

North Myrtle Beach Main Street - View From the Ocean

North Myrtle Beach Main Street – View From the Ocean

We like to make our holiday shopping a family event, except of course for the necessary times when we have to sneak away to buy gifts for each other and our son. Main Street in North Myrtle Beach has a surprisingly eclectic variety of shops. There’s something to interest everyone in the family.

My dear hubby likes to drop by the old-fashioned barber shop, whether for a ‘real guy’s’ haircut or just to shoot the breeze and catch up on the local goings on. He usually visits the drum store (he’s a lifelong wanna-be drummer, his mom and dad convinced him to play trumpet in school because they already had one in the closet) and he’s been known to patronize the chiropractor too.
Both hubby and son like to watch the engraving artist at work, and then skip on over to the surf shop to check out the off-season bargains and any new stuff. And of course they both insist on dinner at the pizza parlor before the day is done.

North Myrtle Beach Main Street - View Toward the Ocean

North Myrtle Beach Main Street – View Toward the Ocean

Our North Myrtle Beach Main Street merchants are a cheerful bunch. Step into their store and you’ll get the best customer service you could ask for. My son is always excited when we go shopping on Main Street because he knows he’s going to be treated like a little prince. Well, that makes me a Queen and trust me, if you’re willing to buy something in any store on Main Street that’s exactly how you’ll be treated – like a Queen.

The nice thing about the antique shops is that it’s a nice way to connect with people like me. By giving me something personal the owner is able to show me that he or she really knows me, and share with me memories from the past. I love being able to find that special gift without having to settle for something not quite satisfying. It’s all about well-wishing, and creating that spirit of the season for the special people in my life.

North Myrtle Beach Main Street - Colorful Stores

North Myrtle Beach Main Street – Colorful Stores

So while you’re out on your holiday travels take a short detour off of Highway 17 and come visit us in North Myrtle Beach. You’ll enjoy our quaint, family-oriented old Main Street and you’ll be sure to check off a lot of items on your holiday gift list.


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