Beach Shop – Swimwear

Summer swimsuit shopping that makes you look at your best and helps you stand out from the crowd can be challenging at times. You need to find a swimsuit that not only works best for your body, but it also portrays your personality. After all, you will be at the beach with many friends and chances are you will make some new ones, too.

At Style Strand Fashion, we understand what this shopping experience is like so we are offering a large selection of unique, high-quality resort swimwear from pool, to party, to dining, and anything in between (wink, wink!). We understand that you need to spend your money at the beach so we made sure all the swimsuits, tops, dresses and shirts are not breaking your bank. Browse through our collection and pick the right one for you. Have fun at the beach!

Blue Dazzle Twisted Bikini Top Blue Dazzle Highwaist Bikini Bottom
Purple Sporty Bikini Top Purple Highwaist Bikini Bottom
Black Dazzle Twisted Bikini Bottom Black Dazzle Bra Bikini Top
Black Dazzle Twisted Bikini Top Black Dazzle Perfect Hipster, Bikini Bottom
Blue Dazzle Knotted Halter Bikini Top Blue Dazzle Strappy Hipster Bikini Bottom
Electric Blue Twisted Hipster Bikini Bottom Black Dazzle Sporty Bikini Top
Lace Tri Ruffle Bandeau Top Ivory Wild Child bikini
Panther swimsuit Hula Hula Bottoms in Kaleidescope
Fully Bra’d Top in Kaleidescope and Sky Blue Ariel Bottom in Rhino
Ariel Top in Rhino Hula Hula Top in Sky Blue/ Kaleidescope
Sporty Braids Bottom in Orchid/White Sporty Braids Top in Orchid/White
Sporty Braids Bottom in Electric Sporty Braids Top in Electric
Hula Hula Top in Graffiti and Black Hula Hula Bottom in Black
Hula Hula Top in Electric and Acid Yellow Hula Hula Bottoms in Electric
T Back Top in Graffiti and Black T Back Bottom in Graffiti and Black
Ariel Top in Island Ariel Bottom in Island
Blue fantacy top/ dress Blue Business top
Jungle Dress/ Shirt Sky Blue
Blue Maddness shirt/ dress Polka Dot Wish