Sun and Skin Care At The Beach

Skin protection before and after a fun day at the beach

Skin protection is the number one priority for your summer vacation at the beach. You may not feel the sun on a breezy day or while in the water, but your skin feels the heat and it may suffer if you don’t take care of it. Therefore, sunscreen is a MUST protection that helps prevent the damage of your skin while you have fun in the sun.

Skin care under the sun

Skin care under the sun

Body lotion, spray, oil spray, there are many options to choose from and you should find the one that suits you. I recommend a fragrance free  lotion for those who think “it smells weird”, especially for the kids who like to say that  to escape from the routine of applying a sun screen lotion and jump in the water right away. Facial moisturizers with SPF 50 and 70 for different types of skin are a must.

I personally use facial moisturizer first and then I use the water resistant stick formula around the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. Also, pay attention to the eyebrows, the area between the eyes, and the nostrils. These are sensitive areas that people forget about most of the time. After a fun day at the beach with sunscreen applied multiple times, your skin needs to breath a little. So a warm shower is like breath of fresh air for your skin. The shower not only washes off all the sunscreen but it also cleans the pores and reduces the risk of acne.

Skin care under the sun

Skin care under the sun

Now your skin should be clean and fresh! You should feel reinvigorated and ready to start a glamorous evening at the beach. Do not forget, the skin care after a revitalizing shower is a must, too. It is very important to moisturize your entire body after prolonged exposure to sun. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin type you have. Body moisture is a must for any type of skin. Use moisturizer on your entire body and pay special attention to elbows, knees, and feet.

Skin care after a fun beach day

Skin care after a fun beach day

It can be very demanding and frustrating to find a good moisturizing lotion for your body, especially one to fit the challenges of your beach vacation. I know the feeling! It is even harder when you have kids, who are not eager to leave the beach at noon, when the sun heats up. I used in the past all kind of body lotion during the summer until I’ve discovered the Shea butter. I used to ignore the vendors offering Shea butter products because in my misconception I thought these products are only for people with dark skin, especially African American. I was wrong! I’ve found out that the Shea butter products are amazing for any types of skin.

If you follow the trend to go all natural and beautiful using natural products, the Shea butter is the perfect choice for you. Shea butter is one of the best skin care for after – sun care. You can use it from head to toe both for you and for your kids. It’s a natural moisturizer and provides the extra moisture and protection your skin needs during the summertime.

Beach tip: How to easily take the sand off your feet before getting in the car

Baby powder is very useful to dust the sand off and to keep your car clean. Trust me it works  great! First of all, if your child gets sand on the face and hands just put a little baby powder in your hands or on a towel and clean the area. You won’t believe how quickly and easily the sand goes off. Do the same before you want you get in the car. Usually you have to walk through the sand to get to the car and most of the time your feet and flip flops get plenty of sand. Using the baby powder will help you get the sand off your feet and will prevent the work of cleaning the sand off the car after a day at the beach.


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