Summer to Fall Transition Dresses

How to layer your summer dress and transition into fall

You’re ready to get the kids back to school and contemplate  tackling those tough projects at work, right? It is never easy to let the summer days go, with the pool hours, the picnics with friends or family, the shopping sprees in the local malls or through the Main street shops. The good news is you can always grab the invisible edge of summer and throw it over the shy first days of  fall. Push the season back and grant more time for your summer outfits to indulge the cozy warm weather by transitioning your favorite garb, with only a few add-ons, into an autumn garment.

Give your summer dress a cozy  makeover by adding  autumn tone accessories and outerwear. For the early fall, when mornings and nights are getting crispy, start wearing sheer pantyhose to keep your legs and feet warm. Later on switch them for tights or leggings in various colors. Pair them with pumps or wedges for work while on weekends go for a  funky fall look, pairing them with ankle boots and warm socks. Create a light layer underneath a summer dress wearing a full or half slip dress. It  keeps your torso warm and help the dress hang smoothly and prevent fabric from perspiration. 

The easiest way to turn a summer dress into a fall essential is to throw on a cozy sweater. A summer dress underneath a  cardigan is the classic and timeless style for a feminine look.  For an edgier look try a leather or snug belted jacket  at your waist and finish the look with a pair of matching boots.  If you are constantly chasing the fashion trends and want to get a trendy look then layer up a blanket coat or a robe coat – one of the most versatile coat trend for the fall season. Remember, layer knits and  big sweaters  over a summer dress don’t have to be bulky. 

I don’t add anything new when I say that accessories jazz up your look and add personal flair. A floppy hat or a wide brimmed hat, an eye-catching scarf, and a pair of ankle boots are the fall statement accessories to begin the season in full swing.

Mia dress is a perfect transition from day to evening. Created for a woman who knows how to balance work and play and needs an outfit for both.  

Mia dress a perfect transition from day to evening and from summer to fall.

Mia dress

Julz fun patterned A-line dress is complimenting to any figure. Created for the woman whose attitude is just as daring as this design.

Julz A line dress with fun pattern

Julz dress

Black and white day dress created for a woman who puts comfort first, but won’t sacrifice being on trend and in style.

Blair dress in black & white

Blair dress

Miss C fitted dress with a fabulous fit that can’t be beat! Created for a woman who wants to feel fun and flirty! 

Miss C fitted dress with fabulous fit that can't be beat.

Miss C

Kae top – stretch cotton halter top with button closure and relaxed fit created for a dynamic woman who loves to accessorize. Halter top is a timeless wardrobe piece for summer season as well as for fall and winter. Dressed down or up, paired with pants or skirt, the halter top is so versatile you won’t get bored wearing it all year round. During the fall season you can wear it with a jacket or a blazer or even with a jacket suit. Click on the link bellow and find ways to style the halter top:

Kae halter top transition piece summer to fall

Kae top



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