Southern Interior Design Style

The 33rd Annual Home Show 2013 was held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and brought more than 200 exhibitors including builders, remodelers, craftsmen and more.Vendors and contractors from various industries such as interior designs, landscaping, flower arranging, and many more displayed their products and services giving countless ideas and dozens ways to enhance the style and ambiance of any home.
It was a very interesting exhibition and it sure was pleasant to meet and talk to the local talented designers who offered plenty of insights into the latest trends for interior design.
Through the conversations with all these bright talents I have been introduced to ideas and innovative Southern interior design styles, from contemporary all the way to traditional.
Walking through the alleys proved to be an amazingly reach experience and while admiring the displays I thought of sharing with you these  inspiring interior designs.

Legacy Interiors – Legendary Interior Design Coast To Coast– of North Myrtle Beach, SC gathers local, national and international markets to create interior and exterior environments of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Style Strand Fashion

Legacy interior design

Style Strand Fashion

Traditional twist style- Legacy Interiors

Hucks and Washington Furniture CompanyThe Conway’s Best Kept Secret– is one of the largest family owned furniture business since 1946 offering timeless furniture to North and South Carolinas. They carry more than 100 of America’s top brands furniture.

Style Strand Fashion

Southern rocking chairs- Hucks &Washington Furniture

Style Strand Fashion

Traditional living room design

HBWAS Designing concepts and bringing them to life!– is a locally owned and operated interior design concept firm in Myrtle Beach, SC with over 15 years of great pride experience. They offer a full service interior design from room makeover with color direction and finishing touches to a seasonal room refresher or a grand plan.

Style Strand Fashion

Design concept by HBWAS

Style Strand Fashion

Stone wall with metal accents and lights



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