Sneakers Trend for Fall To Match Your Heart’s Secret Desire

Sneaker Fever - the new trend for fall fashion

Sneakers trend has taken over the fashion world showing how aesthetic and functionality can seamlessly work together! Chanel girl-on-the-go rocked the runway at the Chanel Spring 2014 Couture Show where the girl-on-the-go seemed to have paired each outfit with trainers. Since then, the street style has experienced the “sneaker fever” trend with most people embracing the comfort of the tennis shoes.

Sneakers are not just for casual wear anymore! You can pair your sneakers with everything from skirts to dresses to pants and still look well dressed!

These sneakers can easily replace the stiletto pump! Pair them with a skirt or dress and meet your girl friends for lunch. You tell me the effect!

Striped and star sneakers

Striped and star sneakers

Tangled sneakers ideal for casual wear for women who love the sporty-chic style.

Tangled Sneakers

Tangled Sneakers

Skeleton & skull lace sneakers just in time for a Halloween party or to add some edge to your style.

If you want to impress and be original I dare you to try these hand painted sneakers with an evening dress!

Hand painted Big City sneakers. with variegated gold leaf paint.

Hand Guilded Artist Edition By Trong Gia Nguyen

Leopard print and leather is for women who feel confident to pull it off!

Leopard print sneaskers

Leopard print sneakers

If you dare embracing the sneaker trend this fall and look forward for high-fashion brand than you will love these amazing canvas sneakers, a blend of craftsmanship with a playful and fierce fashion spirit for the modern woman.



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