Quick Guide on How to Look Your Best on Your Beach Vacation

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Summer vacation at the beach is all you have dreamed of all year long! As the moment gets closer, you may wonder how to look great at the beach. I know you ladies ask yourselves these questions: how would my hair look like after a day at the beach? Should I put on makeup or not? What jewelry should I wear? And the questions keep flowing…

Natural look at the beach

Beach and beauty

Here’s my answer: not only that you can, but you should look great at the beach with make up on, wearing jewelry, and enjoying a shiny, healthy hair. After living at the beach for more than seven years and spending almost half of each year many hours daily on the beach and at the pool I’ve learned a thing or two.

 Looking good at the beach and protecting your skin are most demanding for a woman. Just imagine the effect of the hot air and salty water on your mascara after a refreshing play with the ocean’s waves, or the sand sticking to your face and eyes, whipping off the makeup. The worst scenario ever, right? So here’re a few thoughts I’d like to share with you.

Summer vacation at the beach is the best relaxation

Natural look

Beach Makeup

It is tricky to wear makeup at the beach when you want to look at your best. I know the debate in your mind: should I put make up on or not at the beach? I personally I like the concept of “natural beach beauty”. That means just enough make up to show you care for the way you look.

  1. The moisturizer with SPF and a lip gloss are a must. Protection and care come hand in hand when you spend time at the beach;
  2. Use eye shadow and apply a layer on your eyes to protect them from the sun. I know you wear sunglasses but you don’t want to tan and leave the mark of your eyeshades. Trust me I know the look! Use natural colors for the eye shadow such as gold and bronze, pink and coral, colors that counterbalance your skin tone.
Head scarf for a sporty yet stylish look

Head scarf

Pretty and healthy beach hair!

It can be difficult to keep your hair healthy and shiny when spending time at the beach. Sun exposure and salt water may damage your hair and change its texture. It’s better to prevent than to repair! Here are a few steps to follow while you spend time at the beach.

  1. Apply conditioner on your hair before you go to the beach. If you use natural products than the best choice is coconut oil. It will help out to combat dryness from the salt water and the hot sunshine.
  2. If you have long hair the best way to look fresh and youthful is to pull up your hair in a pony tail so it rests high on your head. Brides are fun and playful for the beach too!
  3. If you have short hair wear a hat or a scarf for a sporty look. Use a long scarf over your hair with the ends dangled is a classic yet stylish way to protect your hair and to look great at the beach.
  4. Don’t forget, the hat is a must for your kids! They may wear their favorite team baseball hat while they play and have fun on the beach.
Fresh and youthful look at the beach

Fresh and youthful look

Beach Fashion Accessories

Summer accessories on the beach can be a big dilemma. Should you wear jewelry or not on the beach? “Less is more” is the best approach when it comes to jewelry on the beach. Small delicate jewelry like studs earrings always work well for fun in the sun. Ankle bracelets and toe rings have gained popularity and you may be surprised to see seniors wearing them too. So, if you love jewelry, welcome aboard and make a fashion statement. Accessories add flare and femininity and help you look at your best at the beach!


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