Plaid Fashion Trend – Astonishing Look for Every Moments

Look Striking in a Victorian Bustle Mini Skirt

Plaid, the hottest trend of the season, has been spotted from the runway fashion shows to the runway street style, driving everybody crazily in love for the plaid fashion trend. Even if you are not a fan of this fashion trend I am sure you would like to wrap your shoulders with a plaid wool scarf to elevate your outfit. Plaid is an adorable trend for everybody who likes to show the inner style.

Classy, boredom, rebel, whatever style you have adopted, the plaid trend is versatile enough to suit you and make you stand from the crowd. The Plaid trend is unlimited and timeless and has lightened up the world of fashion. This trend has been around for quite some time. Designers found a way to give it a new life and turn it into a world-wide craze.

Pinar Eris is one of these designers who fell in love with the plaid and is able to amaze our visual senses with this fabric. Her designs display a unique approach to fashion, exploring various patterns and combinations of the plaid fabric, creating an edgy yet feminine look. Her designs explore various elements of color and shape, bringing alive the plaid fabric in fun, avant-garde, and feminine pieces.

Steampunk plaid Victorian bustle skirt blends the Victorian romance with the 70’s mini creating a steampunk goth style. This attractive plaid and black mini offers an astonishing look for day or evening focusing on the feminine side.

Pina Eris - Style StrandFashion

Plaid Victorian Bustle Skirt

Pina Eris - Style StrandFashion

Plaid skirts back



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