Personal Style and the WOW Moment

I am a picky buyer and I like to buy my clothes from the stores more than online. I love walking in the store, analyzing the store’s style, and comparing the garments. I like to touch the fabric, to see the type and pattern of the sewing, and I like to feel and asses the quality.  Most of all, I prefer quality versus quantity. But I’ve learned that this is not enough…

I passed by a store one day and I turned around to look at a beautiful summer dress displayed in the window. I walked in the store and went straight to the dress. I was so excited to find my size (not very easy when you wear petit size) and I tried it on. The result: a catastrophe!  I was stunned in the front of the mirror trying to figure out who is the person looking back at me from behind the glass. I was a different person in that dress. The person in the mirror didn’t match my personality, it was simply not me. Thus I’ve learned the importance of cultivating your “personal style,” choosing only clothes that match organically your body, your personality, and your lifestyle. Wear clothes that reflect who you are, who reveal the true you.

If you have a WOW moment when you try on a dress or a piece of jewelry, buy it, don’t hesitate one more second. Just like Anne Hathaway in “The Princess Diaries,” when she knew that if her leg pops up when a guy kisses her, then he is the one she’s been waiting for. Next time you put a dress on, try to remember: Did you have a WOW moment when you bought it?

summer dress

This dress is very special for me. It is custom made by my personal Romanian taylor.

summer time

Summer time

summer dress

A very comfty summer dress.



Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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