Nails Fashion Trends for 2013

Manicure has been my hobby since I was a teenager and all the time I played around mixing nail polish colors to see the result and of course to have a unique manicure style. I remember the 80’s when the nails fashion has bloomed with the French manicure and long nails style. By the way, the trend is here to stay, it took me a while to get the skills for the French manicure but the result was astonishing. I had the best French manicure and my friends wanted it so bad that I had to turn into their manicurist for a while.

In the 90’s I tried different manicure styles but from time to time I went back to the French manicure adding a note of color with polka dots or small flowers painted with a fine  eyeliner brush or a tooth pick. Wow! I was so obsessed!  In 2000’s I had to stay away from the nail polish because I was in the Nursing college  and I wasn’t allowed to have my nails polished. So sad!  Later on, while practicing  nursing I just resumed to the transparent or nude nail polish and I got used to it.

Now, I’ve been debating for a while if I should go with the fashion nail trend or stay classy and use the common nail polish, usually French manicure or pale color.  I have changed my mind reading about the nail art trends and the fact that nail polish is the hottest accessory this season. I will give it a try!

The Essie sleek stick I found on a shelf in a store caught my attention. I bought it and applied it  right away. Ta-Daa! I have the best stylish manicure again. It’s easy, practical and amazing. What do you think?

nail fashion

Nails fashion

nail trend

Nails trend

sleek stick style

Sleek stick style

What I like about the Essie sleek stick you wonder? It’s practical, long lasting, and easy to follow the instructions.

What I don’t like? There are only 18 sleek sticks in a package. Not enough for the pedicure.




Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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