Myrtle Beach Dickens Christmas Show 2012

Sliding in the Christmas spirit  at the Dickens Christmas show… I hope to buy some presents for my family and myself. I attempt to buy some knitted items like a hat or even a sack but I end up buying African jewelry and a bag!

Dickens Christmas Show in Myrtle Beach is an annual holiday event, a unique shopping experience inspired by Charles Dickens’ story “A Christmas Carol”.

Most vendors from the South are dressed in 19 century clothes and their appearance makes the atmosphere vibrate  in a Victorian style. I walk on the aisles looking for uniqueness and I am attracted by the colors and the title of the African Beauty stand. The woman wears a Kenyan traditional costume with vivid colors and her smile encourages me to stop by. She sales African handmade jewelry, artifacts, and bags all made in Kenya. I am interested in a jewelry set and Betha, the booth attendant, explains that all the jewelries are made from cow bones, fruit seeds, or coconut and the bags are hand made  from recycled fabrics and animal leather. I purchase a neckles, bracelet, and earrings set and I cannot resist to buy a bag, too.

Myrtle Beach Dickens Christmas Show 2012 - Fountain

Here is me wearing the handmade Kenyan jewelry the next day at the bookstore.

Wearing Africa accessories

African bag and bracelet - detail

My son and I going to the Myrtle Beach Dickens Christmas show 2012.

Walking toward Myrtle Beach Dickens Christmas Show 2012 venue

My son anxious to see the Dickens Christmas expo show


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