Must Have Beach Wear for Summer Vacations

It’s middle of July already ! The summer is in full swing with temperatures sometimes reaching above 100. The beach is the ultimate refuge to cool off a little bit. It feels so good to chill out in the waves and to only wear a bathing suit! If I sparked in you the idea of a beach vacation then come along and see my suggestions on what to wear on torrid days.

I am sure everybody wants to feel as comfortable as possible. White shorts are the must-wear summer fashion style staple for a beach vacation. They are such a versatile clothing, easy to wear and to mix and match with any tops. Wether you stroll on the beach, shop, hang out with friends, dine out, or have a romantic date,  the white shorts come to the rescue. The white shorts gives you total freedom for the color of the top and it is hard to pick something that would not match. I would suggest light colors for the mid-day and darker for the evening. As for the style, you can pick from tank tops, T-shirts for a sporty look or flowy tops to preserve a feminine look.

One thing I love about the summer fashion and the beach white shorts is that they will keep you cool while you look hot. Summer hot! I like wearing white shorts in the summer! They are on my list of “must have beach clothes” that I have to always have in my closet. I can create new  looks each day only by changing the top and adding a few accessories.

Style Strand Fashion - Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, SC

breeze and colors

Style Strand Fashion - Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, SC

A stroll on the Boardwalk

A few days ago,  I wore the white shorts with a floral orange top paired with yellow sandals and a green beach tote  while strolling on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach. A light breeze tempted me to browse through and stop by quite a few stores and I delightedly discovered “I love sugar” candy shop  on the Ocean Boulevard. This is one of the many things making me enjoy living in a tourist destination: something new pops up each and every season. There is no time to get bored! I know what you’re thinking: “candy store – body shape” but  trust me, once I got inside there were not many other places I could think of myself being in. And I’m not talking about the sweets! The colors were amazing! Bright, shiny, happy colors as only candy canes or lollipops can be! I found myself fitting perfectly into this blend of colors with my white-orange outfit. It felt so good to be a child again without looking crazy, and rediscover the taste of my childhood’s favorite sweets.

Style Strand Fashion- I love Sugar, candy shop, Myrtle Beach, SC

Sweet style

Style Strand Fashion - Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, SC

Colors and sugar



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