Maxi Dress For Fall – How To Style It Well

Falling in love with maxi dress! I am truly in love with my recent wardrobe addition, a maxi dress in chevron print and grey and orange. I am amazed how this dress smoothly shapes the body and how the flowy fabric wraps the ankles. The split dolman sleeves and the deep V-neck add a flattering style. It’s simply a feminine garment in which I feel easy and relaxed! Maxi dress is one of the ideal stylish pieces adjustable and flexible for the fall season. Its versatility and the many effortless ways to style it and adapt it are some of the attributes that brought it into the spotlight for the street style.

Everyday look: keep it simple, wearing a denim shirt or jacket over the maxi dress and pair it with flats or ankle boots. If you dare to be bold wear it with a leather jacket! It’s still in trend for the fall season…

Office look: Maxi dresses in solid colors work well for the office. You can create your own style wearing it with a leather belt and ankle boots. It will look like a shirt dress and  it will give you the formal look. Layer it over with a  long cardigan or blazer. Voila! You have your signature office look!

Dinner dates and Party: A graphic print or even animal print maxi dress can give you an ultra-sexy look perfect for dinner dates and parties. The shoes must be a fabulous pair of high heels and a clutch will make the fashion statement. Cover up your shoulders with a faux or cashmere cape in muted color and everybody’s head will turn after you. Rise and shine!

I was invited to a tea party last week and I couldn’t resist to show off my new  addition: the maxi dress in chevron print.  I accessorized it with a pair of tan and gold wedges, a white and gold bag that perfectly goes with the shoes. I chose a neutral color for the accessories to bring into the spotlight the maxi dress with chevron pattern. Always use this trick: if you want to show off the outfit keep accessories at a moderate level and vice-versa. You don’t want to overdue it! You just want to look outstanding and  feel confident!

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

V-neck and bare shoulders

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Chevron maxi dress details

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Tan & gold wedge sandals

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Chevron maxi dress


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