Lace and Palazzo Pants – Add Romance to Spring Fashion Trends

Lace and Palazzo Pants Help Regain Femininity

Start fresh the Spring with a feminine look and add the fun and excitement to your daily outfit embracing one of the Spring’s fashion trends. This season’s trend is as polished and womanly and tender as it is diverse. Here are a few words to describe the Spring fashion trend swing:

Soft pastels
Pretty patterns
Romantic ruffles
Intricate detailing
Nostalgic lace
Girly look frame perfectly the spring fashion trends.

Lace Trend Spring/Summer 2014

Lace was officially one of the most tweeted terms during the crazy catwalks of London, New York, Paris and Milan in September 2013. This feminine fabric fits perfectly with the effortless and romantic mood of S/S 2014. Naturally lace is a must-have for every spring. This year lace went through a transfiguration process based on graphic patterns,  the delicate fabric landing on everything from colorful dresses to beach tops.

Fashion is for a moment, elegance lasts forever.
Sitka Semsch

Wearing lace becomes the fashionable women’s open statement of choosing romance for spring. Lace brings a new level of sophistication to this years’s Spring trend, adding a touch of timeless beauty.

Lace dress by Sitka Semsch

Blondi dress by Sitka Semsch

Fashion designer Sitka Semsch

Cusco look by Sitka Semsch

Lace is intimate and accentuates a regained sense of  femininity. Lace is a perfect match for beach fashion, making it so easy for the elegant woman to send out the vibe of a romantic mood. Beach lace tops are perfect for chillin’ with friends on the beach, surfing, and having a good time.

Wide Leg Palazzo Pants Back In Trend For Spring/Summer 2014

Luxurious silk and crepe make the palazzo pants especially elegant. Palazzo pants have a breezy fashion nonchalance giving a beachy and relaxed feel perfectly for summer vacation at the beach. Styling palazzo pants is easy since the legs of these pants are so full. It’s good to match them with a more fitted top, or at least to tuck in a blouse to show off your waist and help balance your figure.

Palazzo pants by fashion designer Sitka Semsch

Palazzo pants by Sitka Semsch

Palazzo pants might not be new to the fashion scene, making their appearance in the 30’s and during the 60’s, but they help elegant ladies steal the thunder and get into the spotlight. Every woman should have at least one pair of palazzo pants in their wardrobe. You can easily become a fashion hit during your vacation at the beach with a simple white shirt and a pair of palazzo pants. 


Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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  1. I enjoyed your post. I love lace year-round. Palazzo pants are not for me though. They look best on those who are of average or above height.


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