“Just For Fun Fashion Show” Take Two

“Just For Fun Fashion Show” featured runway models wearing clothes provided by Saundra Chapman owner of  the Elegantz’, Inc Clothing Store (besides the Harley Davidson apparel I have already presented in my initial blog post about the fashion show). The Spring collection stood out of the crowd and people welcomed models on the catwalk with warming and admiring applauses. Beautiful and elegant models displayed casual garments, fashionable dresses for any occasions, and stylish beach dresses. The accessories made by local designers gave an unique look to the beautiful models and one-of-a-kind accent to each outfit.

A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Style Strand Fashion - Sandy Chapman with Elegantz

Saundra Chapman, owner of the Elegantz Inc Clothing Store

Style Strand Fashion - Emanuela Neculai and Sandy Chapman

Sandi & I posing for the camera

Style Strand Fashion - the first models

The first models

Style Strand Fashion - casual outfits

Casual outfits

Style Strand Fashion - Youthful look

Youthful look

Style Strand Fashion - Elegant and stylish dresses

Elegant and stylish dresses

Style Strand Fashion - Featuring models on the runway

Dresses for any occasions

I’ll be back with more pictures, videos, and details about the garments. Stay tuned!


Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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