“Just For Fun Fashion Show” Take Three

Fashion and style came hand in hand at the “Just for fun fashion show” in North Myrtle Beach, offering beautiful and fashionable clothing from casual to elegant, special occasion dresses and custom gowns.

Girls night out is always full of fun and we ladies pay more attention to clothes and accessories. From going to movies to having a casual dinner to dancing in a club, women love wearing eye-catching tops and dresses, fashion forward denim and awe inspiring handbags, shoes and jewelry.

Enjoy watching the video and the pictures and read about the beautiful designs.

Style Strand Fashion


Left: Ashley wears a fun print dress by Juju & B with a sloop back adorned. The handcrafted  accessories along with the long beaded necklace by Pat Thompson and the dangling earrings by Peggy Buck, all local designers, generate an essential elegant look.
Center: My Beloved shouldered black jumpsuit fits well Erin who carries a feathery evening bag.  Her look is accentuated by  the crystal and silver heart necklace by Holly Joy. The red coral beaded bracelet by LindaLu Designs and the glass and crystal earrings made by Ann Berg are stylish additions.
Right: The embellished green bare shoulder tunic is a fashionable garment and a must in any wardrobe. Casselyn wears a hand embellished denim by Tricotto. Earrings are made by local artist Pat Thompson and the crystal choker necklace compliments it well as does the bracelet made by local artist Ann Berg.

Style Strand Fashiom

Animal print dresses

Animal print is still a big fashion trend! Be bold and hit the trend! These models truly did!
Left: Jessica features a fabulous cut out arm garment designed by V&K Studious that can be worn as a dress or a tunic with leggings.
Center: Ashley shines in a designer dress by Bracha. The animal print and the red lace compliment each other well, along with the red collar necklace and solid silver dangling earring by designer LindaLu.
Right: The embellished peacock dress by V&K Studio is an unique versatile design top.  Casselyn carries a beaded shoulder bag with just the right beaded peacock feather to match.

Style Strand Fashion

Summer print dresses

These beautiful print summer dresses are great for the day or evening, on a cruise or a hot date night. Karen steps out out in V&K Studio’s animal print dress which can be also worn as a skirt. Adorning the most beautiful Tigers Eye necklace,  Tigers Eye bracelet, and the gold dangling earrings all made by Linda Whitehead of LindaLu Designs.
Sue wears a maxi dress by Radzoli with appropriate earrings made by Ann Berg of Sea Glass and Crystal bead with a crystal cross beaded necklace.

Style Strand Fashion

Party dresses

Each woman desires to look fabulous and to wear one of a kind party dress. These party dresses bring altogether femininity and elegance.  Casselyn looks sweet in this pleated flowing cream dress with pink rosettes embellishing the neck line while Erin looks pretty hot in this great party dress. Shannon looks feminine in this gold lace embellished half sheer gown.

Whether the special event is a wedding or even a prom you can’t go wrong with one of this dresses!

Style Strand Fashion

Sparkly gowns

Ashley and Coleen look lovely in these gold and silver gowns made in USA by Poly USA!

I enjoyed watching the runway models, I admired the beauty of  each design, and especially I loved seeing people’s admiration for each model coming on the catwalk. I was impressed by models’ performance and their greatly contribution to this charitable fashion event. I admired Sandi Chapman for her devotion and love for fashion and art, for her continued efforts to support and promote local designers and  artists.

Here is a short video I have put together, a compilation of pictures I took at the fashion show to get you into the show mood:

I look forward to attending the Just For Fun Fashion Show’s second edition!


Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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