Jeans – Go-to Piece for Summer

Beat the summer heat in style wearing jeans

Beat the summer heat in style! When I think of wearing something comfortable yet stylish for hot summer days, the only piece I have in my mind is jeans.

Jeans are everybody’s fashion favorite. Long or short, cropped or flared, high-waist or low waist, jeans are the “to-go” piece for every occasion.

Dress up or dress down, jeans take you from the beach to the party to a night out in town and still keep your style fresh and up to date. Choosing cleverly the right accessories and the garments to layer up your jeans are the focus point in achieving the stylish look you have always been looking for.

Short jeans for a day at the beach

Short jeans

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Cutoff jeans  are the ultimate choice for a day at the beach. Just wear it with your swimsuit and top off the look with  a hat and your favorite shades. Easy, comfy, stylish look! The sunglasses and the hat style you choose are the accessories that show your personal styling touch and the image you want to convey.

Cut off jeans

Cut off jeans

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Layer up your jeans! The third piece is the key layer formula for a stylish look. It’s the “chic” piece that completes and adds the tone to the whole outfit. Pair your jeans with a short vest over a t-shirt and add a fine choker for a feminine touch. If you are in the mood to embrace a tomboy look then pick a sailor or baseball hat, assuring everybody you are in charge the way you look.

jeans & layered vest

Jeans & vest

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