Imported from South Carolina – Loggerhead Apparel’s Bellwether360 Polos

This is probably something you have already guessed so far, but I want to re-emphasize how much I take pride in promoting the local fashion designers, clothing stores and product lines. It is with much pride that I reveal local talented artists and their beautiful garments and jewelries. Sometimes they are hidden gems waiting to shine when you put them in the spotlight. Other times, they are in plain view, powerful local brands with solid reputation earned through hard work, great design, high quality and above all, through their noble social involvement.

Nothing in the fashion world specifically related to garments and clothing stores sounds sweeter to me than these three words: “Made in USA.” One such sweeter thing is “Made in South Carolina!” I know, it sounds more like a dream but to tell you the truth, I don’t need Eminem or a church quire to praise a line of products with such deep roots in the state of South Carolina and deep social and community involvement like Loggerhead Apparel.

Loggerhead Apparel Bellwether360 Polos

Loggerhead Apparel Bellwether360 Polos

With a perfect timing, just in time for spring, locals and visitors in the Myrtle Beach area with a passion for American-made products can now purchase Loggerhead Apparel‘s American-made, South Carolina-based coastal-lifestyle clothing for men, women and children. Just in time for sea turtle nesting season, the apparel company’s diverse product offering allows us to support coastal conservation. The brand’s signature Bellwether360 polo is available in a variety of spring colors – and can now be found at Pink Cabana, a Myrtle Beach store located at 5900 North Kings Highway, Suite F. Luanne Pigford, the owner of Pink Cabana, thinks the brand is an intuitive addition to the store’s resort style product offering. Pink Cabana currently offers Loggerhead Apparel in men’s women’s and children’s styles and sizes.

The wonderful news is that Loggerhead Apparel offers 100 percent American-grown, American-made coastal lifestyle apparel and also donates 10 percent of all sales to sea turtle conservation efforts.  Zac and Sara Painter, the young owners who have started Loggerhead Apparel in 2009 in Greenville, SC, were impressed by the passion for purposeful products shared by the Myrtle Beach community and have decided, to my delight, to expand their conservation efforts first-hand on the South Carolina coast. I was really impressed to find out that last year, Loggerhead Apparel has donated more than $30,000 to groups within the sea turtle nesting grounds, including state organizations such as the South Carolina Aquarium, South Carolina DNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program and SEWEE Association.

Zac and Sara Painter, Owners of Loggerhead Apparel

Zac and Sara Painter, Owners of Loggerhead Apparel

Zac and Sara Painter, owners of Loggerhead Apparel, two South Carolina natives: one a product of the Lowcountry, who grew up on the coast just north of Charleston, the other a product of the Upstate, the grandchild of mill workers in the textile town of Spartanburg. Their passion and pride for the state of South Carolina, its people, beauty, wildlife and economy, led to Loggerhead Apparel.

Loggerhead Apparel - Manufacturing Facility

Loggerhead Apparel – Manufacturing Facility in South Carolina

How can you not be impressed by a brand with a mission to protect the endangered loggerhead sea turtle, as well as the American worker?  Next time you plan on buying a great polo shirt, stop by the Pink Cabana in Myrtle Beach and pick one of Loggerhead Apparel’s Bellwether360 Polos. This way you are supporting two endangered state treasures – the local textile industry and the loggerhead sea turtle!


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