iMerchandise App – From the Runway to Your Store

Simplify the wholesale clothing buying process with iMerchandise app for iPhone and iPad

Young and  enthusiast, innovator and visionary, David Secul is the pioneer in the merchandise fashion industry. His extensive expertise in developing strategic plans to promote new merchants and to establish trends to meet the customer’s needs as well as his experience serving as a consultant in product development led him to create the iMerchandise app. “I am a retailer and I’ve created this app with my own funds initially for my personal use” said David. “I just did it because I have found this niche need often going to Fashion Weeks all around US. I’d like to help other retailers and personal shoppers find out about iMerchandise too.”

The iMerchandise app is the fashion buyer’s dream simplifying the wholesale clothing buying process for retailers. Snap a photo, create a “fashion story”, and organize  merchandise by categories. Forget about the old-fashioned pen an paper! Download the iMerchandise app on your iPhone or iPad, and have a great shopping experience.

iMecrhandise - Style Strand Fashion

iMerchandise app on iPad

Use iMerchandise to manage multiple brands and categories to properly pair and create outfits. We all have a digital camera with us all the time. Make use of your iPhone or dslr camera to create sophisticated looks by combining fashion shows photos or create clear and uncluttered line sheets from multiple pictures snapped at various showrooms.

iMecrhandise - Style Strand Fashion

Ready to set my boards on iMerchandise

The app is capable of self-focusing the mobile device’s camera to take clear pictures. The advanced features embedded in the app allows you to create organized and efficient wish lists from pictures you take at fashion shows or during your purchasing trips, which you can define as events. Each event will then feature its own gallery, making it easy to browse through the images.

iMecrhandise - Style Strand Fashion

My first fashion photos on iMerchandise app

You can set up boards after each event you attend for example, so you keep track of the images you captured. You can organize and move around your pictures by categories like designer, season or delivery. Populate the boards by copying and pasting pictures from other sources. If you sort pictures by sections you can even create a virtual store to match your brick-and-mortar retail establishment. The app allows you to share the pictures on social media, email them or even place orders directly with your rep.

iMecrhandise - Style Strand Fashion

iMerchandise app on iPhone

The complexity of the iMerchandise app is impressive. Manage products by assigning a style number, ship date, season, showroom purchase price and MSRP mark-up to each one of them. Then you can attach the product to an event, category or supplier and post them on social media. Write notes and assign photos to boards or events. Create orders from existing products and add the quantities you plan to purchase. Double check spending for the month, then create a PO number and a pdf order and send it off to your rep along with product info and images.

The list of features does not end here. The iMerchandise app allows you to keep lists of suppliers with data connected to your phone contacts. The developers of the app added an impressive capability: you can upload images directly to your online retail store through Magento or to your store on EBay, Amazon or your WordPress site. The app allows you to define clothing sizes in any standard, for places like Asia, Europe, US or the Americas.


The iMerchandise app is a conscious decision that will help small fashion business owners reduce their expenses and manage their spending more efficiently. For more details about iMerchandise, the only app a fashion buyer will ever need, visit


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