How and Why to Wear Purple

Purple - Flattering color for beach fashion

Let’s continue our journey into deciphering the fashion and style secret code of what makes pink and purple the colors of choice this coming spring/summer. I will go today in a little more depth about color purple, a strong yet feminine color. If you wonder how to wear a rich color like purple, here are a few tips for you.

Deep purple earrings

Lust for purple – deep purple earrings

Purple is an appealing hue that flatters every skin tone, from dark to fair skin tones. Purple is strong enough to make a good choice for a business attire. A purple shirt under a dark suit looks great for office or business meetings. Don’t hesitate to mix purple with bright colors like grass green or lime. Wear a blouse with a bright green scarf and you will portray energy, vibe, and personality!

Sequin silk purple gown and  shoulder light purple dress

Captivating light purple dresses

The contrast effect is powerful, too! A rich purple dress with bright orange or pink heels is fun and funky for parties or dates. If you are confident make your fashion statement wearing deep shades of purple with zebra print or leopard print. The prints will rock your look, making your style statement stronger!

Peplum leather jacket and sleeveless leather trim flare dress

Peplum leather jacket & Leather Trim Flare Dress

Pink and purple are huge on high street at the moment, the colors of choice for the spring/summer fashion trend. Pink is the colour of passion and frenzy, while purple spells courtship and love affair. Are you ready to make a fashion statement and embrace pink and purple? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Pink ad purple flattering colors for Spring 2014

Flattering dresses: pink or purple?

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