Hot Summer Trend – Stripes

Stripes on the beach

“Stripes go with every thing”

Stripes are the go-to print for Summer vacation at the beach! They are versatile, flattering, and fun, naturally connected to beach fashion. Every type of stripes, vertical or horizontal, small or large, fit well with any individual style and body shape.

Looking thin and lean wearing a striped swimwear is each woman’s desire. Instinctively, mostly women opt for vertical striped swimsuit to get a slimmer look. I would like to debunk the misconception about horizontal stripes. You can look  thinner wearing horizontal stripes, too! Style is all about the optical illusion!

Black & white stripes

Black & White stripes

Photo credit: Pinterest

In the photo bellow you have one piece bathing suit with wide black and white striped top that smoothly coordinates with the block color bottom. I like the fluid transition of the colors and patterns from the top to the bottom, the way the coral band draws the waist line giving the hour glass shape.

Stripes & color block swimsuit

Stripes & color block swimsuit

Photo credit: Pinterest –

The two pieces swimsuit is a vintage with a modern twist design.  The high waisted bottom with frontal horizontal stripes and parallel stripes on the sides elongates the lower part of the body while the white bra with trendy straps makes the transition from the upper to the lower body.  Together they give the slim look you desire using styling tricks!

Black & White striped swimsuit

Vintage with a modern twist swimsuit

Photo credit: Pinterest – Saboskirt

Stripes can easily be mixed and matched with other prints such as tropical, floral, palm leaves, giving the fresh and cool look for the Summer.

Stay cool in style!


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