Hope Taylor & Company – Store Tour and Interview

Hope Taylor & Co in North Myrtle Beach is a family-owned store offering a vast selection of clothing, accessories, and gifts. The clothing store is dedicated to women who follow the fashion trends and who like to look elegant and trendy. Brooke Taylor preserves her family legacy offering customers a personal touch and sharing her keen eye for quality and style. So gather around and hear the story…

Q. How did the story begin for your store?
A. The store opened in 2002 after my parents sold their hotel. My mom was not ready to retire and she decided to open a boutique.
Q.What attracts people to your store, what is unique about it?
A. The store is unique because we try to cater to everyone. We want everyone’s experience to be enjoyable when they shop with us. We also make sure that every gift purchased from us is wrapped in the elegant Hope Taylor logo paper.
Q. How do you choose the collections for your store?
A. The collections for our store are chosen by myself and one of my closest friends Jeri McDowell. We both have very similar taste and also like different things. We go to market knowing what we need, but always leave with new things and new ideas.
Q. What brands and specific merchandise do you carry in your store?
A. The brands that we carry along with specific merchandise, are Brighton Jewelry, liquid metal, Lady Primrose, Arthur Court, Vietri, Tyler Candles, baby gifts, women’s clothing, and goat island treasure boxes. We also carry clothing brands like VaVa, James and Joy, Voom, Mud Pie clothing, Ya Los Angeles clothing and a variety of other brands.

Style Strand Fashion - Hope Taylor & Co

Hope Taylor& Co- women apparel

Style Strand Fashion - Hope Taylor & Co

Hope Taylor& Co – stylish dress

Style Strand Fashion - Hope Taylor & Co

Hope Taylor& Co -accessories

Style Strand Fashion - Hope Taylor & Co

Hope Taylor& Co – liquid metal jewelry

Style Strand Fashion - Hope Taylor & Co

Hope Taylor& Co -handbags

Now that we have learned a little bit more about Hope Taylor and Company, it’s time to walk in and look around the store…


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  1. Marsha Hendershot says:

    How can one order from you…do you have a catalog, or on line?

    • Marsha, thank you for your interest. As of now we do not handle online orders but I am in the process of adding an online store. Please feel free to return to the website at a latter time.

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