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Stylish high heels shoes

High heel brings the glamour of fashionable shoes and accomplishes what all women love: shoes that accentuate and highlight pretty legs. They are stylish offering height, confidence, and gracefulness. As they have become more popular, designers have created different styles of high heels shoes to make women feel comfortable while wearing them.

Maria Lorenzo has designed her dream shoes based on a simple concept: to provide women the perfect shoes that come wrapped in comfort. Her collection offers exquisite shoes with intricate details and bold high heels artistic design. This fine shoes collection in vibrant colors meets the artistic eye and displays the same hand-craftsmanship as the artisans consecrated by Gucci, Prada, and Armani. Take a look at these lovely high heels shoes by Maria Lorenzo and pick both comfort and fashion.

Stacy is handcrafted with high quality patent leather in sky blue color at the front, while the back and lower part of the heel are covered in suede. The heel’s artistic design brings out allure and impudence. Intricate details such as gold studs and zipper at the side give a dashing feminine appeal.¬†The shoe also has the unique padding that ensures maximum comfort.

Pam is handcrafted with high quality Napa leather in neon pink color, while the platform, strap, and the heel are covered in Lizard print leather. The heel is accentuated with 3 gold rings that give Pam a sophisticated edge.

Maria Lorenzo - Style Strand Fashion

Stacy & Pam shoes

Jayne is handcrafted Sabot Bootie with high quality Suede and the back is blended with a solid glitter leather that is adorned with gold spikes. The heel’s patent design bears a golden v-shaped upper part and a stiletto on the lower part. These intricate – exclusive details give her the dashing, funky, and feminine appeal. She also has the unique padding that ensures maximum comfort. Fits true to size.

Gezana blows your mind away with her metallic orange exquisite heel. The adorable signature studs on the side make her hard to ignore.

Maria Lorenzo - Style Strand Fashion

Jayne & Gezana

Stella is handcrafted with 100% patent leather with intricate side detail, high heels made of Plexiglass and adorned with a metallic gold star. Stella is double padded to ensure maximum comfort.

Maria Lorenzo - Style Strand Fashion




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