Haute Couture Headpieces For Hot Looks

Soy Como Soy Eye-catching headpieces with whimsical personality

The latest trend for the haute couture headpieces is marked by highly creative and unique shapes. Designers have boldly expressed their creativity and individualism, launching amazing headpieces that incorporate a deep artistic sense translated in an elegant fashion language to meet every taste and expectations.

In the elegant world of haute couture and fashion there is no need to overdo things. Once you decide on an adorable yet trendy headpiece, the best way to emphasize its brilliance and startling details is to move the rest of the outfit to a lower level of attention-grabbing complexity. Offer the haute couture headpiece the chance to be noticed, while you, the proud fashionista take delight in getting people’s admiration.

Soy Como Soy - Style Strand Fashion

Nora grande & Ewelina petite

Few, if ever, haute couture pieces are more capable of condensing such intense passion for vintage femininity than Christiane Englsberger’s “Soy Como Soy” haute couture headpieces collection, a true symbol of elegance and refinement. Even the name of the headpieces in the collection – Nora grande, Nora petite, Ewelina petite, Melody, Indyra, Fidelio – have an exotic, lustfulness resonance. The eye-catching hats and headbands portray a fanciful personality which easily transfers to any elegant lady wearing them.

Christiane Englsberger’s “Soy Como Soy” haute couture headpieces collection has the power to alter fashion habits and change dressing norms. I would always build my look starting with the headpiece if I’d be fortunate enough to have one of Englsberger’s headpieces in my wardrobe. There would be no point in adding anything to my outfit that would try to steal the thunder from the delicate and chic hat.

Soy Como Soy - Melody

Soy Como Soy – Melody

Soy Como Soy - Fidelio

Soy Como Soy – Fidelio

Headwear is a strong way of expression, and Christiane Englsberger’s “Soy Como Soy” haute couture headpieces convey a sense of individuality, joy of life, a loving contact with ourselves and respect for others that you want to meet only at your best.


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