Flip Flops – The Ultimate Summer Footwear In The Carolinas

I am amazed to see how my lifestyle has changed since I moved in a small beach town and I have adapted my wardrobe to the warm climate. I love high heels and I never thought I will wear flats. It has never crossed my mind that flip flops will become a staple piece of my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong! When you live in a major European city like I used to, and everyone around you is dress up like they are fashion models, than you know in the back of your mind that you have to look more than great, you have to look at your best. Looking at things from a practical perspective, once relocated in the South, I have adopted the flip flops to complement my summer wardrobe. As the summer lasts long here, from April to October, and since I spend most of the time at the beach or at the pool, I can almost say that I live my life in flip flops.

Flip flops are the ultimate  summer footwear to go with everything and keep you comfy. They are easy-wear basic items during the sunny season when our feet swell in the summer heat. I prefer rubber flip flops for the sandy beaches and leather flip flops around the house, in the garden or for the last minute shopping. Wearing flip flops on the beach is safer than going barefoot since they protect the feet from the hot sand and sharp broken shells. They can be easily cleaned up with water from the hose or with baby powder to keep off the sand.  It’s a very useful trick, I guarantee you!

I like to keep summer shoes subtle and to accomplish this I buy flats in a neutral color like white, silver, sand or tan. When buying flip flops I always look for quality, soft footbed and leather with arch support, and soft rubber strap between toes. If you are not wiling to spend money on a pair of Havaianas flip flops, I really recommend Hot Tomato brand. I bought a pair last summer and what I like the most is the soft footbed and the quality of the leather that gives the ultimate comfort. I even washed them in the washer machine and they still look like perfectly new.

White flip flops are must have summer shoes! They will always keep you stylish and emphasize your summer tan. But don’t forget – pedicure is mandatory and works wonders too!

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Strolling on the beach

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Enjoying a beautiful evening

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Narrow alley in Charleston

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Carolina’s style



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