Fashion Magazines – A Top 3 Must-Read List

Best 3 Printed Fashion Magazines For Every Fashionistas

I was talking to a friend the other day about print magazines and this question popped up during our conversation: Why should you read women printed fashion magazines? I don’t like to leave questions anunswered so I’ve decided to talk to you today about this topic.

Have you wondered of an easy way to find out about the latest fashion trends? Or what’s in the bag for the next year? Do you still love to grab the corner of the page and flip it while reading, instead of scrolling down? Do you like the idea of saving a few great outfit ideas somewhere on a bookshelf, along with a brief but very well structured presentation of the fashion trends for the next season? Then read on my blog post about why I strongly believe anybody should read printed fashion magazines. But mind you, not any fashion magazine, since there are so many out there. It is hard to select and filter out, so I thought I would land you ladies a helping hand and share with you my short list.

  • Elle fashion magazine is on my top of the list ! It’s a comprehensive magazine structured in two parts: fashion and beauty. Fashion trends are structured and featured piece by piece to showcase how you can mix and match them with the right fashion accessories. You can easily find different styles of clothing that best fit your body type straight from the runway trends. The beauty section has interesting articles that come with helpful tips and advice. Women in Hollywood in Elle Magazine is one of my favorite sections with questions and answers for celebrities and I always find some interesting facts about my favorite actress. If  I would try to personify the Elle magazine it will be a stylish lady in her 40s who has found her style and knows how to choose the latest fashion trends that suit her style.
  • Vogue is pure fashion! I am amazed by the quality of their photography, true art, and I always pay special attention to postures, camera angles, and light. I browse each page slowly until the end and I go back to the most attractive photos and I rip the pages I like to save them in my fashion swipe file, along with everything related to fashion trends. I write notes about what I liked about it and stick it on the picture.
  • Allure is next on my list, a fashion and beauty magazine with tips on how to adopt the fashion trends in your daily life. It’s more of a guideline to style, fashion, beauty and celebrity makeup artists. Fashion cravings Must&Lust are my favorites. Fashion trends are featured on the street runway with effortless and amazing look. Beauty articles, fashion advice, lifestyle tips are easy to follow and handy for everybody. I almost forgot to mention that I love finding small gifts inside the pages of this fashion magazine. Allure is  a stylish young lady in her 30s who always shines and look fresh wherever the fashion trend she will adopt. She looks amazing and she is the real fashionista who has ability to blend her style with fashion and beauty trends.

Printed fashion magazines are great sources of fashion advice and outfit ideas to keep us, the readers, up to date on the latest fashion trends and give us ideas on how to improve or upscale our fashionista sense. The many pictures and photos displayed along with the articles printed in these magazines will help you visualize yourself in those terms, bring up a clear picture of the trend and the way it might fit you. Reading fashion magazines can help you get accustomed with the newest fashion collections even before they hit the store shelves. This way it will be easier for you to shop and pick that trendy fashion piece you wanted in your wardrobe. Printed fashion magazines are a “must read” for both professionals and amateurs alike: fashion industry seasoned practitioners, style photographers, designers or models.

Mainstream fashion glossies may have been hit hard on the stands, because of the young generation’s preference for “everything online”, but that does not men the print is dead. Far from the truth. I still love to listen NPR while drive and my TV did not take a place back, behind my computer, it just got “smart”, allowing me to stream internet through it’s big, clear sharp screen. I love holding my iPhone next to me when I browse through the print fashion magazines, flipping pages one by one, scanning various QR codes that take me online to a great landing page. So the successful pairing between quality print and fresh online content could be a recipe for success in the future of publishing.

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