Fashion and Beauty for the New Year Celebration

New Year, New look

The New Year’s celebration is one of the best party of the year. This special night calls for fashionable dresses and beautiful make up.It’s the best opportunity to glam up in style and sparkle your way to and at the party. Shimmery dresses and high stilletos, glitter make-up for jazzing up any eye look, fashion and beauty make the perfect fit for a perfect night. I am sure that you are ready to celebrate the last night of the old year and the first hours of the new one looking your best, glamorous and fashionable.

I am not going to a special party, but if I was to I would wear one of these exquizite gowns by designer Fariba Mirzaie. They are sure to help anyone wearing them stand out from the crowd and who doesn’t want to be “the lady of the ball”, to capture everyone’s attention?
Whether home or at a party, I invite you to join me into wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

These one of a kind evening gowns are made of satin and chiffon. They are hand printed wrinkled and embellished.

Gabbeh - Style Strand Fashion

Hand painted gowns

This one of a kind evening gown is inspired by under the see. It is cut in uneven strips, dyed, printed and beaded.

Gabbeh - Style Strand Fashion

Under the sea gown inspiration

This one of a kind evening gown is made of small pieces of satin, chiffon and velvet fabrics stitched together. It is see through, printed, dyed and embellished.

Gabbeh - Style Strand Fashion

Sanaz gown




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