Fall 2016 Fashion Trend – Novelty Denim

Denim trends for Fall season

Novelty denim trend for the Fall season is fresh, unique, and a new way to stand out and express your style and personality. It’s a trend that sets your mind to think bold and to be fearless in choosing a statement piece that makes you feel and look good.

From two-shades denim to patchwork , from embellished to embroidered denim, the novelty denim trend suits each person’s figure and helps you achieve a modern and distinctive style.

two shades jeans for a classic yet stylish look

Two – tones jeans

Two – shades denim trend is for women who embrace the classic style but are yet shy to make a huge step into fashion trends. Embrace the trend pairing the two-tone jeans with classic pieces such as a t-shirt for daily basics and with a silk blouse for a day in the city. This helps you give a hint that even if you are a classic, you are still aware of fashion trends for the upcoming fall season.

Patched jeans - fall 2016 fashion trend

Patchwork jeans

Patched denim trend stands you out from the crowd right away! You need confidence and strong self-esteem to embrace this trend. This edgy trend speaks personality! Wherever you choose to wear a pair of patched jeans or a patchwork denim jacket you are the bold one too make the difference and personalize your style.

Embroidered denim jeans

Embroidered jeans

Embellished denim trend shows both personality and attitude. Studs, pearls, embroideries, sequins, appliques, are the embellished elements that customize the look.

Novelty denim trend brings a wide variety and more diversity styles fitted to each person’s sense and taste for fashion trends. Embrace the novelty denim trend and you will steal the spotlight for the fall season!




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