Enchanted Garden – Floral Print Trend S/S 2014

Fabryan's S/S 2014 Collection

“Enchanted Garden” collection with fresh floral prints meet pretty peplum flounce to create a colorful feminine and charming collection. ‘Enchanted Garden’ collection embraces the exotic beauty of flowers such as Bird of Paradise, Rosa chinensis, Cherry blossom, Daffodils and Daisies. Fabryan’s collection is built on a token backbone,  incorporating flowers as the symbol of femininity and natural beauty. These are two values that Samantha-Jane wishes to portray in her designs whilst boasting luxurious and high end tailoring day to evening dresses.

Fabryan - Style Strand Fashion

Vibrant prints peplum

The colorful collection features peplum styles designed to celebrate the curves that define a feminine figure. Enchanted by the natural elegance of a woman’s body, fashion designer Samantha-Jane was inspired for this collection by her love of nature. This is reflected in the essential role played in her collection by the vibrant prints.

Fabryan’s evening wear feature elegant flowy dresses for determinate women who want to make a star entrance on the red carpet. Bright green silk satin and red silk crepe evening dresses  enhance the figure and softly suggest the curves of  woman’s body. Elegant and stylish, these dresses can easily transcend from season to season and defiantly turn heads.

Bright green and red silk elegant dresses

Michelle & Naomi dresses



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  1. Thanks for an interesting and informative post, Emanuela. This designer was not known to me. I love learning about new designers.


  2. adoro the yellow dress


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