Charleston Fashion Week 2014 – Grand Finale & Runway Recap

Emerging Designer Competition 2014 Runway Shows, Semi-Finalists and the Winner

Marion Square turned gently back to silence. Charleston Fashion Week 2014 is now over, ending a week-long carousel of runway shows.  Five glamorous fashion nights came and passed but not without first creating unforgettable memories for organizers, designers, catwalk models, media and all the fashionistas in the public. Saturday night was the climax of the fashion week, with five semi-finalist emerging designers competing fiercely; Leah & Rebecca Plante, Kaitlyn Machos, Angela Bacskocky, Deana Ansara, and Anna Toth who got a second chance from the judges to showcase her designs.

0Charleston Fashion Week 201414 - Under the white tents

Under the white tents

Anna Toth won the People’s Choice Award on Tuesday night with her lovely and wearable collection. She made it in the finale not only for being people’s favorite but also for her casual effortlessly collection that perfectly fits the Southern lifestyle.

Leah & Rebecca Plante featured an urban sophisticated Fall 2014 collection on Tuesday night. Their collection incorporates alluring elements of nature revealing their Southern roots and blending with inspiration from New York city to create an amazing urban sophisticated designs. The sister team won Tuesday night, to move forward to Charleston Fashion Week 2014 grand finale.

Watch Tuesday night emerging designer runway show:

Kaitlyn Machos was the Wednesday evening winner, with an avant-garde collection. Silk and satin dresses breaking down into soft chiffon and organzas in grey and cream colors swung elegantly and gracefully on the runway show. “Mainly I want people to see the beauty in the stories that I tell through fabric and clothes,” said emerging designer Kaitlyn Machos.

Watch Wednesday night emerging designer runway show:


Angela Bacskocky impressed the Charleston Fashion Week 2014 judges and the audience with a modern touch military inspired collection on Thursday night. Her fall 2014 collection takes menswear inspired pieces from classic to contemporary, edgy appeal.

Watch Thursday night emerging designer runway show:

Deana Ansara stole the Friday night runway show with a flowy women’s ready to wear collection. She incorporates traditional menswear fabric into her collection, keeping a delicate balance of soft and textures, flowy and fitted, perfectly contouring women’s body shapes.

Watch Friday night emerging designer runway show:

Five emerging designers in the finale! Excitement, impatience, suspense reached the highest limits! The judges had to make a decision and announce the winner. “And the winner of Charleston Fashion Week 2014 – emerging Designer Competition is… ” The big surprise of the night marked a premiere in the eight years old history of Charleston Fashion Week: two winners are announced! The sister team Leah & Rebecca Plante and Anna Toth won the Emerging Designer Competition 2014.


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