Charleston Fashion Week 2014 – Emerging Designers Runway Show

Belk and Emerging Designers Catwalk Collection Presentations

That time of the year again, when Fashion Week descends upon Charleston, turning the city of love into the Southern capital of the fashion world… I was thrilled to find myself under the white tent with emerging designers, fashion experts, media representatives and fashionistas. This year was far more special for me, since I have received a free media pass as an independent fashion blogger and thus access to areas and events restricted to the general public.

As one can only expect from a fashion event of such magnitude as Charleston Fashion Week, Thursday night was a special night with an unexpected appearance. To people’s delight, Arlene Goldstein, Vice President for Merchandise and Fashion Trends for Belk and Belk’s collection VJ dropped the bomb: Steve Madden, the shoe designer celebrity was right there, in the audience.

Watch the Belk runway show and Steve Madden revealed in the audience:

Belk's collection - Black & White

Belk – Black & White

Belk's collection - Black & White

Black & White – stripes and patterns

Felicia Barth – Aasen, emerging designer, featured a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear fall 2014 collection. Felicia’s collection embodies a modern aesthetic mixed with bohemian and grunge elements. The inspiration for this collection came from a small, peacefully, and serene mountain village  in NY.

Felicia Barth - Fall 2014 Collection

Felicia Barth’s designs

Felicia Barth - Fall 2014 Collection

Fall 2014 Collection

 Felicia Barth - Fall 2014 Collection

Feminine-edgy design

Watch the video to see the entire collection.

Noelle Stanley & Sean Olson from Charleston SC, stole the People’s choice award on Thursday night with their children’s ready to wear fall 2014 collection. Little girls rocked the runway like professional models with an astounding catwalk, receiving rapturous applause from the audience. Their five years old daughter inspired them for this collection. Their collection featured dresses in plaids and other patterns in fall’s  color palette.

Nkundwe Kasyanju‘s contemporary women ready to wear fall collection was inspired by the Japanese couture designer Shin go Sato. Nkundwe’s designs speak through sharp, graphic, detailed tailoring created to both take form and flatter the women figure. White head-to-toe and black and white were the predominant colors.

Angela Bacskocky showcased the Fall 2014 “Puritan Collection.”  Androgynous and military inspired, the women ready to wear collection features menswear shirting, suit fabrics, heavy wools with leather accents. Look for tailored lines and classic silhouettes juxtaposed with modern touches. You might want to pay extra attention to her collection as she won the Thursday night.

Yuyan He ‘s collection incorporates strong elements of American and Chinese culture. Every piece of her Fall 2014 collection evolves conceptually around the curvature of the circle. “My materials, shapes, and pattern innovations make my designs unique” is the way Yuyan described her collection.

Hunter Bell, the Featured Designer of the night at CFW 2014, presented its whimsical and flirty collection designed for the elegant woman ready to dress up but who’s not afraid to also dress down, knowing when’s the time to be feminine.

Come back on my blog for more information on the winner of the Charleston Fashion Week 2014 Emerging Designer Competition.


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