Charleston Fashion Week 2013 – Emerging Designers: Callie Nichol and Hannah Goff

The emerging designer Callie Nichol stole the heart of the crowd and she won the “Night’s People’s Choice” vote for her fall women’s wear collection. Callie Nichol’s designs unveiled elegant, delicate, and mostly sleeveless dresses with intricate detailing and sensual open backs finished with a simply stunning feminine looks. In contrast, black leather jackets, hooded tops paired with black trousers and a dramatic smoky eye make up featured a bold yet edgy progressive line. Juxtaposing refinement with boldness, Callie Nichol’s fall collection becomes the meeting place of opposing cultures, the oven that filters out the essence and transfers a fundamental philosophical tension into the world of fashion.

Charleston fashion Week 2013 - Stlye Strand Fashion

Elegant draped red dress

Charleston fashion Week 2013 - Stlye Strand Fashion

Black jumpsuit topped with hood.

Featured designer Hannah Goff who won the Emerging Designer’s Competition East last year showcased a colorful and textural fall collection. Hannah Goff’s vibrant collage of shades and quirky prints revealed her craftsmanship in handling the fabrics. Sporty outfits like bike shorts and baseball caps, low cut skirts and tops, and dresses all paired with platform Converse style sneakers featured a modern and feminine line.

Charleston fashion Week 2013 - Stlye Strand Fashion

Sporty cute look

Charleston fashion Week 2013 - Stlye Strand Fashion

Mixed prints

Katherine Barron was the winner of the Tuesday night’s Emerging Designer Competition of Charleston Fashion week 2013 and Callie Nichol won the night’s People’s choice vote.

The first night of the Charleston Fashion Week 2013 Emerging Designer Competition was a fantastic start for a full fashion feast! Charleston was once again not only the Southern capital of love but also the city of elegance, fashion and style.


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