Carolinas: A Drink of the South and a Bite of the North

Sometimes weekends can take you by surprise. With no plans made, things looked like a sure path to boredomness. Not for me, and sure enough, not this past weekend. Even a zero-planned weekend can turn out to be a great one! Saturday morning started hot and humid. I had nothing planned in advance so it was decision time. Should we head for the beach? My son had a big no all over his face. So we decided to stop by “La Belle Amie Vineyards”, take a winery tour and enjoy their Summer Breeze Festival. Nothing can go wrong with live music, dancing, food and wine! That was indeed a great way to start the weekend! Once there, we settled in our lawn chairs in the shade with a glass of wine for the adults and soda for the kids, and let ourselves absorbed into the southern rhythm of beach music and shag dance. UB 40’s song “red, red, wine” cheered up the spirits and invited people to the dance floor. It was time to have some fun!

Vicki, the owner of the vineyard, gave us a guided tour. She warmed up the atmosphere with her charming presence and enchanting story telling style. I was fascinated by her love for her mom, her devotion to carry on a vineyard family tradition spanning for more than 100 years. Her ambition, strength, and drive to be successful was truly inspirational. My son was delighted to eat grapes directly from the vine and learn how grapes grow. As the sun started to settle beyond the horizon, a cool breeze swung the night away with the beats of beach music as sweet as the Carolina’s wine.

Sunday was another hot day! We thought up North may be cooler so Wilmington, NC was  our destination for the day. The riverfront boardwalk is our place to chill off and watch the beautiful sailboats go slowly up and down the river. The wind gently pushed the clouds over the boardwalk and, as we strolled the beautiful place, we welcomed the gentle breeze. Later, we hopped in a water taxi and took a tour around the harbor. We ended up the day with a great dinner at a local bistro. Specialty of the house: anything you want cooked slowly in thick metal pans. Yummy… That, my friends, was the perfect recipe for relaxation!

La Belle Amie Vineyard - Style STrand Fashion

Tasting the sweet Carolina wine

LA Belle Amie Vineyard - Style STrand Fashion

Gift shop patio


Water fountain in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Riverfront - Style Strand Fashion

Wilmington Riverfront Boardwalk

Wilmington Riverfront - Style Strand Fashion

Boat tour


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  1. That was quite a charming way to spend the Labor Day Weekend!

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