Below The Knee-Pants – Transitional Piece For Fall

Just like in Phil Collins’ great song, I can feel it coming in the air tonight! Shorter days, cooler nights, falling leaves, the fall is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when I have troubles finding the transitional piece to suit my autumn mood.

Like every new beginning, the end of a season and the start of a new one comes with fashion anguish and style headache.  My first instinct is to open a few magazines but I always take a step back, a deep breath and start dwelling inside myself. The answer is always there. My thoughts are getting clearer and my inner fashionista surfaces to claim her glory. After a short conversation with myself, I get my thoughts crisp. Hear thee, hear thee…

I find the below knee-pants, a huge trend in the spring, a perfect transitional bottom from summer to fall. What I like about these versatile pants is that they go well with summer tops and can be easily paired with flats and trainers or, for the bold of us, even with high-heels. After sunset, when the air cools off, you can cover your shoulders with a soft sweater or a cardigan that perfectly goes with this pants. I prefer the loose fitting trouser type. They are neither pants nor skirt and you can switch to different looks just by changing the top and the shoes.

Casual look is probably the look we all enjoy the most. I wear the trouser style pants with a sleeveless denim top paired it with denim flat slip-on style shoes. These are perfect transitional shoes after a long summer in flip-flops and sandals.  This weekend we skipped the beach and decided to enjoyed the raw and pure beauty of nature taking a short walk on the Waccamaw River wooden boardwalk in Conway. I gently took in the soothing landscape filled with boats sliding quietly through the water, anglers calmly waiting for a fish to bite, kids playing at the fountain or strolling along the alleys… It was all jus a beautiful scenery, a display of the mother nature’s grandeur. As the sun settled down casting a gorgeous sunset light, I could feel the crisp wind and the smell of burning leaves. It was the sign of changing seasons, the time to  look for  the transitional clothes to wear in the pre fall season.

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

River Front Boardwalk

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

On the swing bench

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Boardwalk Waccamaw River

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Just me

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion

Boat passing by

Emanuela Neculai - Style Strand Fashion










Emanuela Neculai is a fashionista with European background, currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. As a teenager Emanuela has been influenced by the Eastern European culture and fashion trends. The European elegant style has left a strong mark on her taste and preferences. Follow Emanuela on Google+

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