Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Season

Fall colors and layers

Nostalgic for Fall season? Are you ready to wear fall pieces to get into the autumn mood? But it feels weird to jump into boots and wear tights or even long sleeves when Summer days are holding on, right?. I know, I have experienced this feeling! It’s a strange sensation to see leaves falling on […]

Fall 2016 Ballet Trend

Fall into ballerina style

Ballet trend – elegant and feminine is the perfect transitional trend from Summer to Fall season. Tull, velvet, layers of tutu, have been a never – ending  parade of silhouettes on the runway Fall 2016 fashion show. Shifting styles from gracious ballerina on the ballet stages to modern unconventional street style, the ballet trend encourages […]

How to Wear White After Labor Day

Chic ways to wear white after Labor Day

Debunk the myth and wear white after Labor Day! Rules in fashion are not black and white. Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a “fashion faux pas”! Summer is not going anywhere yet and you still enjoy spending time on the beach wearing comfy summer clothes. White is the color of sunlight, a […]

Fall 2016 Fashion Trend – Novelty Denim

Denim trends for Fall season

Novelty denim trend for the Fall season is fresh, unique, and a new way to stand out and express your style and personality. It’s a trend that sets your mind to think bold and to be fearless in choosing a statement piece that makes you feel and look good. From two-shades denim to patchwork , […]

Summer 2016 Trend – Nautical fashion

Nautical fashion trend

Nautical, one of the hottest trends of summer, has been a fashion inspiration over decades and now has became even more popular. The maritime theme has shown up in cruise-resort fashion collections. The nautical trend in the hands of the designers sees a modern twist but yet keeps the classic elements that give endless ways […]

Beach Cover Up – Summer Layer for a Stylish Look

Summer swimsuit cover up

Cover up at the beach this Summer! Beach cover up is the summer layer for a stylish look at the beach or pool side.  Show off your sense of style choosing a cover up that fits your personality! When you choose a cover up you have to take into consideration two things: mix and match […]

Jeans – Go-to Piece for Summer

Beat the summer heat in style wearing jeans

Beat the summer heat in style! When I think of wearing something comfortable yet stylish for hot summer days, the only piece I have in my mind is jeans. Jeans are everybody’s fashion favorite. Long or short, cropped or flared, high-waist or low waist, jeans are the “to-go” piece for every occasion. Dress up or […]

White Dress – Summer Staple

Easy and fresh ways to wear a white dress on the beach

White dress is a classic yet flattering garment that gives the vibe and freshness of summer season. Versatile for any occasions and seasons yet the white dress have become a staple for Summer. The question is: how would you stand out from the crowd wearing a white dress at the beach? A simple way to […]

Hot Summer Trend – Stripes

Stripes on the beach

“Stripes go with every thing” Stripes are the go-to print for Summer vacation at the beach! They are versatile, flattering, and fun, naturally connected to beach fashion. Every type of stripes, vertical or horizontal, small or large, fit well with any individual style and body shape. Looking thin and lean wearing a striped swimwear is each woman’s […]

Summer Fresh Fragrance

Beach fragrance for your breezy outfit

Shut your eyes and imagine basking yourself in the gentle sun of a sandy beach, feeling the breeze that brings with every wave a fresh scent of summer time. One spritz of fragrance and your mood changes instantly! Whether you think of a long day on the beach or just relaxing by the pool, you […]

Sun Hats for Summer 2016

Summer hats for beach

Summer vacation is in full swing and you already see yourself basking in the hot sand on the beach, feeling the ocean breeze sweep along your skin, falling in a total exultation. You feel good and you want to look good on the beach! You like to stand out from the crowd! You look for that element […]