4 Stylish Ideas You Can Steal From White Shirts

White shirt wear and care tips

White shirts are classy, offering a polished and simple yet effortlessly elegant style. A white shirt is a guaranteed go-to piece for skirts, trousers, and jeans alike. It has been proven over and over again that the classic white shirt has stood the test of time. White shirts relentlessly enhance the beauty of the wearer, helping elegant features stand out.

White shirt wear and care tips:

  • Make sure everything about the shirt is in balance with your body figure: no too long sleeves or oversize collars and shoulders.
  • Make sure the sewing is impeccable, especially pay attention to the armpits.
  • Make sure that all the buttons are in place and it’s not a gap between them. If you are busty avoid ruffles and any other intricate designs on the upper body.
  • Make sure the shirt doesn’t have wrinkles: ironing is a must for a white shirt.Iron the shirt while it’s slightly wet and hang it on a wooden hanger to prevent wrinkling and points at the shoulders.
  • To maintain the fresh white color soak the shirt in water with peroxide for 15 min. After, you just put the white shirt in the washer machine for a short wash cycle but always with white clothes.

Peroxide also help against spots or yellow armpits. Just pour peroxide on the spot, leave for 15 min. and wash it as regularly.

White shirts at the office complement almost every woman and reveal the inner woman’s nature.

MICHAELA WHITE – Classic white shirt with a removable charming bow tie at the collar. Under the removable bow tie collar lies a beautifully simple shirt with a girl meets boy vibe a la Marlene Dietrich. Team with a tailored pencil skirt for a Mad Men-esque office look.

Simple and beautiful white shirt with a girl meets boy vibe.

Michaela white shirt

SOFIA WHITE is a beautiful shirt featuring a double layer cotton and cotton organdy collar. The silhouette is semi fitted and cut with a curved hem. Cuffs are delicately trimmed with organdy and fold back to form a simple double cuff secured with 2 diamante buttons. Tuck this unique blouse into a lady like skirt to deliver an instant polish – the epitome of Parisian chic! 

MADISON shirt is where androgyny and minimalism meet to create a striking modern look. This white shirt is a versatile garment that can be worn as a blazer paired it with a skirt or trousers for office days.
Pair it with figure hugging leather or black satin trousers and stiletto boots for a smouldering evening look.

Classic white shirts with a modern twist

Sofia & Madison white shirts

JOSEPHINE WHITE – featuring a belted waist and covered buttons this beautiful shirt will give a shapely feminine look. The Josephine shirt is a chic way to work fashion’s penchant for peplums. Contrast the flared silhouette with a sleek pencil skirt for a sophisticated look.

Josephine white shirt with a belted waist give a shapely feminine look

Josephine white shirt

Nothing screams more elegance than a classy white shirt. It is the perfect answer for a quest for elegance and style. With the right details, shape and fabric, a white shirt adds the needed sophistication to any elegant woman on any season.



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